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Update a few messages

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......@@ -111,8 +111,8 @@
"Cannot_Be_Spectator" "This server does not allow spectating"
"emp_autobalance_imp" "Auto team balance is switching you to the Brenodi Empire.\n"
"emp_autobalance_nf" "Auto team balance is switching you to the Northern Faction.\n"
"emp_player_autoassigned_team" "Player %s1 was assigned to team %s2"
"emp_player_joined_team" "Player %s1 joined team %s2"
"emp_player_autoassigned_team" "Player %s1 was automatically assigned to the %s2"
"emp_player_joined_team" "Player %s1 joined the %s2"
"emp_spectator_disabled" "Spectating is currently disabled on this server.\n"
"emp_switch_team_wait" "You must wait %s1 seconds before you can switch teams.\n"
"emp_join_forcespec" "You cannot join teams while emp_sv_forcespec is enabled\n"
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@
"emp_team_nf" "Northern Faction"
"emp_team_be" "Brenodi Empire"
"emp_team_spec" "Spectate"
"emp_team_auto" "Auto Assign"
"emp_team_auto" "Auto-Assign"
// Hud top info bar
"emp_hud_top_players" "players"
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