Commit 0f21e1a6 authored by Spike's avatar Spike
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Reduced player bio damage on bio cannon to match bio ML in vehicle_weapons.txt

parent e716a121
......@@ -1775,7 +1775,7 @@ Vehicle_Weapons
//for biological weapons: when a player or vehicle is hit, the damage (Damage) is inflicted every specified amount of seconds (Interval) over a total amount of time period (Time)
//all weapons can use these, explosions will infect all players and vehicles the explosion touches, not just the direct hit target
"Player Bio Damage" "15" //damage inflicted to players every interval
"Player Bio Damage" "12" //damage inflicted to players every interval
"Player Bio Time" "5" //total time to inflict damage to players
"Player Bio Interval" "1" //time inbetween each infliction of damage to players
"Vehicle Bio Damage" "12" //damage inflicted to vehicles every interval
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