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v0.6 Clean

parent 8a127644
......@@ -9,13 +9,13 @@ Latest version:
**"nc_addvotetime"** *"def. 20"*
**"nc_addvotetime"** *"def. 30"*
*"How much to add to the current detected value of commander vote time, when extending vote time. (Seconds)"*
**"nc_minplayers"** *"def. 4"*
**"nc_minplayers"** *"def. 8"*
*"How many players needed to enable this plugin. (Players who selected a team)"*
**"nc_msgtimer"** *"def. 15"*
**"nc_msgtimer"** *"def. 30"*
*"How often to display the informational messages. (Seconds)"*
**"nc_marktime"** *"def. 60"*
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Latest version:
**"nc_commcheckmp"** *"def. 6"*
*"Minumum players needed for commcheck to happen."*
**"nc_commchecktime"** *"def. 60"*
**"nc_commchecktime"** *"def. 90"*
*"How long to wait for somebody to enter the commander vehicle after the vote, or it will explode. (Seconds)"*
**"nc_lockspec"** *"def. 0"*
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ Latest version:
**"nc_howmanytimese"** *"def. 1"*
*"Enable limited number of possible extending of the vote."*
**"nc_howmanytimes"** *"def. 20"*
**"nc_howmanytimes"** *"def. 6"*
*"How many times to allow extending of the vote. After that it will start the round and if nobody enters the cv in set time it will do nextmap."*
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