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    • Ilguiz [eel ghEEz] Latypov's avatar
      refer to the root directory · f8173771
      Ilguiz [eel ghEEz] Latypov authored
      Using "etc" as an indication of a complete tree may work but the commands that generate the "etc" directory and run apt-get in chroot rely on the top-level directory.  Fixes #11.
  9. 19 Apr, 2016 6 commits
    • Alan Jenkins's avatar
      Use tar --numeric-owner · 10c89a0d
      Alan Jenkins authored
      I noticed this when running the docker `mkimage.sh`. We should do the same, to make sure it works if the host doesn't match the target (maybe even because of dynamically allocated UIDs).
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      Adjust Makefile to survive running un-privileged · d63573d5
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      If the user runs "make", the rule that runs debootstrap is considered
      satisfied, and subsequent privileged re-runs will fail because the
      chroot is empty.
      Add a layer of indirection that means the debootstrap has to have
      been run for the rule to be satisfied, by depending on the "etc"
      subdirectory which we do not explicitly create.
      Closes: #7.
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      Merge pull request #8 from voltagex/patch-1 · 60fb47cd
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      Add getting started steps
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      Merge branch '10-security-archives' · 61828906
      Jonathan Dowland authored
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      security archives for images. · abd315fe
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      If the image being built is jessie or stretch, add security apt sources.
      I considered moving to using 'stable', 'testing' all over the place
      instead of the code-names, but this would have the undesired effect
      of changing releases automatically when the code names roll over.
      I looked for a way of mapping testing->stretch etc in a more future
      proof fashion but came up short. /etc/debian_version is not useful
      for this.
      Closes: #9, #10.
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    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      Reduce size of build context (fixes #1) · 77c68dfa
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      Restructure the repository to reduce the build context size by
      removing the unpacked debootstrap output from CWD when "docker
      build" is invoked.
      Since the Makefiles for the different flavours are virtually
      identical, take the opportunity to drop down to just one Makefile,
      with suite, platform etc. parameterized via variables.
      Add a 'build.sh' to invoke make for the common targets.
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    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      Add jessie builds (untested) · 89c0012e
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      Add jessie builds (needs a test run!)
    • Jonathan Dowland's avatar
      rename buildd image to just "build" · b1538ed6
      Jonathan Dowland authored
      The 'buildd' image took its name from debootstrap's --variant
      buildd, but it's a bit misleading: It's a build environment,
      such as a buildd has, but a buildd is more than that too, it's
      the listening daemon, queuing, etc. -- and we could conceivably
      have a real buildd image in the future. So rename this one now
      to just 'build'.
  17. 02 Mar, 2015 3 commits