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# **This plugin is not designed for public use**
*Created by* **Neoony**
# **Status**
Bot has different statuses
![Status Waiting](
![Status !srv](
There is more of them...
# **!srv**
DirectMessage the bot !srv to get info about servers
**!cpjoin / !cpleave**
# **!cpjoin / !cpleave**
If bot has permission MANAGE_ROLES on the Discord server, users can DirectMessage the bot !cpjoin or !cpleave
Bot will assign or unassign role Come-Play notifier to the user on the Discord server
![!cpjoin / !cpleave](
**!cpjoin / !cpleave in empireschat channel**
# **!cpjoin / !cpleave in empireschat channel**
If bot has permission to SEND_MESSAGES in empireschat channel, people can use !cpjoin / !cpleave in empireschat channel
![!cpjoin / !cpleave](
**Come-Play Notifier**
# **Come-Play Notifier**
If bot has permission SEND_MESSAGES in come-play channel then he will send notification message in come-play channel
If bot has permission MENTION_EVERYONE in come-play channel then he will also mention @here
This message can only happen once in 12 hours
Only if Lobby has 6 or more players, or only if regular server has 12 or more players
![Come-Play Notifier](
**!cpjoin / !cpleave empireschat**
![!cpjoin / !cpleave](
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![Come-Play Notifier](
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