Commit 1669ebf5 authored by Neoony's avatar Neoony
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Merge branch 'feature/no-player-count' into 'master'

Remove current players from server list.

See merge request !2
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......@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@ public Action StartVote()
for(int ServerCount=1; ServerCount<=rowCount; ServerCount++)
int ServerIndex = ServerCount - 1;
Format(ServerVoteItem[ServerIndex], 256, "%s [%s/%s]", namex[ServerIndex], playersx[ServerIndex], maxplayersx[ServerIndex]);
Format(ServerVoteItem[ServerIndex], 256, "%s [max %s players]", namex[ServerIndex], maxplayersx[ServerIndex]);
AddMenuItem(VoteHandle, addrx[ServerIndex], ServerVoteItem[ServerIndex]);
//PrintToServer("IP: %s", addrx[ServerIndex]);
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