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v0.1 WIP1

Forgotten updater lines fix
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......@@ -96,12 +96,25 @@ public void OnPluginStart()
//l_connecttimer = CreateConVar("l_connecttimer", "30", "How long to display the connect dialog for (Seconds)");
l_restrictvote = CreateConVar("l_restrictvote", "30", "For how long to restrict the vote starting, after a vote happened (Seconds)");
if (LibraryExists("updater"))
//Create or load config files
AutoExecConfig(true, "Lobby");
PrintToServer("[L]: Lobby by Neoony - Loaded");
public void OnLibraryAdded(const char[] name)
if (StrEqual(name, "updater"))
public void OnClientPutInServer(int Client)
//Clear timer
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