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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
#include <updater>
#define PluginVersion "1.01"
#define PluginVersion "1.02"
float pVersion;
// note linearmap field is unstable
......@@ -854,6 +854,7 @@ public Action Timer_TextTimer(Handle timer,DataPack dataPack1)
DataPackPos packPos = GetPackPosition(dataPack1);
int time = ReadPackCell(dataPack1);
time --;
char timeString[8];
......@@ -6,12 +6,13 @@
"BE_Tickets" "402.000000"
"OnScenarioLoaded" "Run Introduction Introduction2"
"OnScenarioLoaded" "Run Introduction Introduction2 Setup"
"Introduction" "After 60 -> ChatText *Gen. Strickland:TXTCLR_DF Listen up, the artifact in the ruins will provide us an enormous technological advantage in the war to come* *Gen. Mendez:TXTCLR_DF Intel has detected an artifact in the south east ruins with enormous strategic value* **"
"Introduction2" "After 65 -> ChatText *Gen. Strickland:TXTCLR_DF Our objective is clear, defend the artifact at any cost.* *Gen. Mendez:TXTCLR_DF Our objective is clear, destroy the artifact at any cost.* **"
"OnGameStart" "TargetName artifact -> AddDamageFilter NoTeamDamage -> Run ObjectiveTimer Warning DestroyTrigger AirStrikeExec1 AirStrikeExec2 SmartIdeas AirStrikeExec3"
"Setup" "TargetName artifact -> AddDamageFilter NoTeamDamage -> Run ObjectiveTimer DestroyTrigger"
"ObjectiveTimer" "TextTimer 1200 *Defend The Artifact\TIME_LEFT $[m_iHealth]HP* *Destroy The Artifact\TIME_LEFT $[m_iHealth]HP* -> TargetParams -> Input InputNFWin 0 EndActivator"
"DestroyTrigger" "OnOutput OnBreak -> TargetParams -> Input InputImpWin 0 EndActivator"
"OnGameStart" "Run Warning AirStrikeExec1 AirStrikeExec2 SmartIdeas AirStrikeExec3"
"Warning" "After 400 -> ChatText *Gen. Strickland:TXTCLR_DF Intel has revealed that the enemy are planning airstrikes on key buildings at our location. Don't take any defences for granted!* *Gen. Mendez:TXTCLR_DF Be alert, We have allied bombers in the area which will deliver precision airstrikes on enemy targets* **"
"AirStrikeExec1" "After 600 -> TargetClassname emp_building_radar 2-> Run AircraftEffect -> SetHealth 0 -> After 2 -> Run AirStrikeNotice1 -> After 10 -> Input Kill"
"AirStrikeNotice1" "ChatText *Gen. Strickland:TXTCLR_DF Oh no! Our radar has just been taken out by a precision airstrike!* *Gen. Mendez:TXTCLR_DF Great news! A precision allied airstrike has just taken out the enemy radar! *"
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
"Latest" "1.01"
"Latest" "1.02"
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